Table: General Ledger Options

Table: GL01
View: GL0005
Record length: 404
Flags: A R 

Keys: 1

Title  Flags  Fields

General Ledger Option ID  OPTIONID

Fields: 47

Field  Type  Title  Presentation 

OPTIONID  String*4  GL option key   
AUDTDATE  Date     
AUDTTIME  Time     
AUDTUSER  String*8     
AUDTORG  String*6     
PHONENBR  String*30  Company phone number  Mask: %-30c
FAX  String*30  Company fax number  Mask: %-30c
COMPANYID  String*6  Organization ID   
CONTACT  String*60  Client contact name   
CLOSESEG  String*6  RESERVED Closing Segment Number  Mask: %06d
ACCTSEG  String*6  Main Acct Segment ID  Mask: %06d
ABRKDFLT  String*6  Default Structure Code  Mask: %-6N
ABRKDELM  String*1  Structure Code delimiter  List: 5 entries
SWBTCHEDIT  Integer  Batch edit allowed  List: 3 entries
1=All Fields
2=Fiscal Period, Year, Trans Date
3=No Edit
SWPROVPST  Integer  Provisional posting allowed  List: 2 entries
0=Provisional posting not allowed
1=Provisional posting allowed
SWPRTPBTCH  Integer  Print Batches prior to Post  List: 2 entries
0=Printing not required
1=Printing required
CODELOCK1  Integer  Budget 1 lock  List: 2 entries
CODELOCK2  Integer  Budget 2 lock  List: 2 entries
CODELOCK3  Integer  Budget 3 lock  List: 2 entries
CODELOCK4  Integer  Budget 4 lock  List: 2 entries
CODELOCK5  Integer  Budget 5 lock  List: 2 entries
LOCKFILL  String*8  RESERVED Space for more locks   
SWQTY  Integer  Quantity History allowed  List: 2 entries
0=Do not allow quantities
1=Quantities allowed
QTYDEC  BCD*4.0  Number of decimals for qty   
YRSHIST  BCD*4.0  Years of Summary History Kept   
YRACCTDEL  BCD*4.0  RESERVED Yrs chkd for acct del   
NEXTBTCHNO  BCD*4.0  Last Issued Batch Number   
PSTSQ  BCD*4.0  Next actual post seq #   
PROVPSTSQ  BCD*4.0  Next provisional post seq #   
PJRNLPRGTO  BCD*4.0  RESERVED Prov jrnl purged to   
BTCHPSTTO  BCD*4.0  RESERVED Last Batch Posted   
JRNLPRGTO  BCD*4.0  RESERVED Purge to batch   
YRCLSLST  BCD*4.0  Last closed year   
YRLSTACTL  BCD*4.0  Oldest year of Fiscal Sets   
PRDNOPSTPR  BCD*4.0  RESERVED Period no post prior   
YRNOPSTPR  BCD*4.0  Oldest year of Trans. Detail   
REACCT  String*45  Default retained earning acct  Mask: %-45C
SWMC  Integer  Multicurrency Activated Switch  List: 2 entries
DFLRATETYP  String*2  Default currency rate type  Mask: %-2N
SWACCTGRP  Integer  Account group switch  List: 2 entries
0=Do not allow account groups
1=Account groups allowed
SWPRVYRPST  Integer  Allow previous year posting  List: 2 entries
0=Do not allow previous yr posting
1=Previous yr posting allowed
YRSTRANDTL  BCD*4.0  Years of detail history kept   
HSTCLRACCT  String*45  RESERVED Acct history clearing acct   
RPACCT  String*45  Transition rounding account  Mask: %-45C
SRCETYPE  String*2  Source Type  Mask: %-2N
SWUSESEC  Integer  Use GL Security  List: 2 entries
SWDEFACCSS  Integer  Default Access  List: 2 entries
0=All Accounts
1=No Accounts

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