Table: Auto Allocation Processor

Table: GLJAL
View: GL0029
Record length: 214
Flags: A R 

Keys: 1

Title  Flags  Fields

Auto Allocation Processor  KEY

Fields: 20

Field  Type  Title  Presentation 

KEY  Integer  Key Id   
AUDTDATE  Date     
AUDTTIME  Time     
AUDTUSER  String*8     
AUDTORG  String*6     
TEXTDESC  String*60  Batch description   
CODESEGSEL  String*1  Account/segment selection code  List: 2 entries
1=Full account
2=Any segment
CODESEG  String*6  Account segment selected  Mask: %06D
IDACCTFROM  String*45  From Account Number  Mask: %-45C
IDACCTTO  String*45  To Account Number  Mask: %-45C
DATETRANS  Date  Transaction date for details   
CNTPERD  String*2  Posting period for Account Bal  Mask: %02D
CNTYEAR  String*4  Posting year for Account Bal  Mask: %04D
ALLOCATEBY  Integer  Allocate By Switch   
QTYFRYEAR  String*4  Select from year for Acct Qty  Mask: %04D
QTYTOYEAR  String*4  Select to year for Acct Qty  Mask: %04D
QTYFRPERD  String*2  Select from period for Acct Qty  Mask: %02D
QTYTOPERD  String*2  Select to period for Acct Qty  Mask: %02D
PROCESSCMD  Integer  Process switches  List: 2 entries
0=Process Auto Allocation
1=Insert Optional Fields
VALUES  Long  Optional Fields   

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